As of 2015 Penguin Composites is engaged in implementing ISO 9001. The company manufactures some product under AS/NZ1546 1:2008. The company uses an advanced ERP system to operate and is engaged in training staff in 5S and Lean manufacturing.

The company has a workshop and office space of 3500 sq mt over two sites totalling 2 hectares.
Equipment consists of a 15 mt and 12mt filament winder capability from 200 mm to 1500 nominal diameter,Resin Transfer Moulding machines,Spray painting and baking ovens, a 6mt x 2.5 mt x 350 mm depth 2015 CNC router, gelcoating, chopper gun and hand lay equipment.

Penguin Composites has separate facilities for RV assembly, metal workshops, fibreglassing, filament winding, panel manufacturing and a bulk flammable store Our engineering staff design and draw in CAD for custom one off or volume component production.

Penguin Composites -A Polar Network Supplier

Filament Winder

Custom Fabrication

Pressure vessel design

Architectural Panels

CNC Router 6 x 2.5 x .35 MT

Fibreglass Repair

Fibreglass repair is one of our specialities. We regularly perform fibreglass boat repair, caravan repair, kayak and canoe repair, surfboard repair and fibreglass industrial product repair. Our services include painting, detailing and decal application. Want your item looking good as new? Bring it to Islander Campers and we’ll make it look as good as the day you bought it.